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A Message From Yo Girl


Happy New Year! With the passing of ever year we have new hopes, new aspirations, new goals, new prayers, new saying and new predictions. Everyone seems joyous at the time these things are said, preached or prayed but after a couple months its back to the same ole, same ole.  Brothas and Sistas there is one thing that we can depend on being constant and consistent and that is the word of God.

Your situation always changes which will cause the word to be applicable in different ways but the word stays the same in fact Hebrews 13:8 tells us the Jesus Christ is the same Yesterday, today and forever and because He is the same all of the promises to us His people are the same, does that mean we should not have new hopes, aspirations, goals or prayers? Certainly not! But what can know for a fact is weather our new hopes, aspirations or prayers happening within the new year or not we are still the head and not the tail, we can rest assure that we were called to be the lender and not the borrower, we can know that we know, that we know within 6 days of God creating ALL things our purpose and promise was fulfilled before He rested on the seventh day.  Walk in the confidence of knowing that it has already been done, does that mean we sit and wait? Certainly not! Does this mean that we not pray? Of course not, does this mean we don’t set goals? No not at all, Saints I implore you to walk in confidence, seek in confidence, hope in confidence, pray in the confidence, knowing  that our Father is in heaven has already done it for you.

Be Blessed,

Yo Girl Delorea



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